weight lossDale will guide you through Dr. Joel Furman’s “Eat For Health” Series which teaches the fundamentals of his Nutritarian Diet for superior health. Held at our retreat center in Melrose, FLorida certified Nutritional Education Trainer Dale West will cover 14 topics, with each 90 minute class dedicating 20 minutes to Q&A. This valuable time with your hosts Dale and Elaine West concentrates on your individualized needs, taking the learning environment to a personal level.

LRM encourages couples to take courses together, singles are encouraged to bring a partner, best friend, or family member. Engaging family or friends in the process will help you share valuable lessons to enjoy healthier, happier lives together. While spending the week-end at the retreat center you and your guest will enjoy hands-on cooking presentations and delicious meals throughout the day. Learn about the healing benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet. The program includes all course materials and as a bonus once you complete the entire program you may repeat all or part of the courses again for free*. (Suggested donation to cover food costs)

Session 1: Understanding the Core Concepts
Session 2: Nobody Needs to Have Heart Disease
Session 3: Hunger and Food Addictions
Session 4: Magical, Mythical Protein
Session 5: High Blood Pressure
Session 6: Emotional Factors In Weight Loss
Session 7: Nutritarian vs. Vegetarian
Session 8: The Skinny About Fats
Session 9: Exercising, Fitting, Osteoporosis
Session 10: The Seven Secrets of Longevity
Session 11: Preventing Cancer with Diet
Session 12: Stopping the Epidemic of Diabetes
Session 13: Nutritarian Cooking Secrets
Session 14: Protecting our Children

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Location: Melrose, FL 32666
Time:Date and Time TBA.
Contact: Dale West 352-262-7313