Food For Life: The Cancer Project

food for life cancerCertain diet patterns seem to have a major effect in helping cancer survivors to live longer, healthier lives. Numerous studies have shown that a diet built from plant foods offers the most cancer-fighting protection of any diet plan. Reviews by the American Institute for Cancer Research showed that as much as 40 percent of cancer risk may be related to diet.

the cancer projectThe Food for Life: Cancer Project classes offer a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge about the link between diet and cancer, experience the benefits of plant-based nutrition, and learn the practical cooking skills needed to help you on your journey to better health. In the Food for Life: Cancer Project classes, attendees do all of this while enjoying a cooking demonstration and tasting delicious, healthful dishes. We use The Cancer Survivor’s Guide book in our cancer classes. The Guide includes a wealth of nutrition information and more than 100 recipes!

Session 1: Introduction to How Foods Fight Cancer
Session 2: Fueling Up on Low-Fat, High-Fiber Foods
Session 3: Favoring Fiber
Session 4: Discovering Dairy Alternatives
Session 5: Replacing Meat
Session 6: Cancer-Fighting Compounds and Immune-Boosting Foods
Session 7: Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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